Hogan retires from Marlboro

JOHN HOGAN, one of the pivotal figures in the history of Marlboro's involvement in Formula 1, has retired from his job as one of the top Philip Morris marketing men in the EEC region. Hogan was Marlboro's racing promotions manager in the 1970s and the success of the brand's motor racing programs helped to propel him upwards in the company, although he remained a key Marlboro representative in F1, sitting for the last 20 years on the F1 Commission representing the F1 sponsors.

Australian-born Hogan, now in his late fifties, may not be disappearing from the F1 scene as our sources say that he may soon be taking on an important role in F1 and may even be the man who emerges to run the sport if a deal is done between SLEC and GPWC.

One way or the other we think Hogan's role in F1 is not over yet...

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