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APRIL 13, 2002

GPWC states intentions

THE board of directors of the newly-constituted GPWC Holdings BV (Grand Prix World Championship) have confirmed that they have been approached by the banks representing the Kirch group and asked if there are interested in buying the share of SLEC owned by Kirch. The company, which is headquartered in Amsterdam, met in Imola on Saturday afternoon. The meeting was chaired by Paolo Cantarella of Fiat and attended by Burkhard Goschel (BMW), Jurgen Hubbert (DamilerChrylser), Wolfgang Reitzle (Ford) and Patrick Faure (Renault). Amongst the others present were Luca di Montezemolo of Ferrari and FIA President Max Mosley.

The board confirmed that 23 circuits have been contacted to define proposals and contracts regarding TV rights. The teams have already attended one meeting and there is to be another later this summer at which a full contractual and economic package will be presented to the teams.