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APRIL 5, 2002

Minardi tests at Misano

THE Minardi team conducts considerably less testing than many of its competitors, but they spent Friday in Misano, Italy with Mark Webber behind the wheel of a PS02.

The team considers the San Mario GP to be its home race, and they prepared by conducting a rigorous technical program that addressed a new front suspension geometry and brake cooling arrangements, as well as traction and launch control systems with their Australian driver.

"Today's test went well and allowed us to collect some good data," said Webber. "We made quite a few changes to the car in the course of the day and the lads did these quickly, which allowed us to maximize our track time. We worked mainly on software, and this is the first time we've run a test with all of the systems working together, which is important for us. It has been a useful exercise."

Webber's teammate, Alex Yoong, will join Paul Stoddart and the team's F3000 drivers, Alex Sperafico and David Saelens, at the A-1 Ring in Austria over the weekend, where they will run one of the team's two-seaters for the public.