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APRIL 4, 2002

Pollock and Phoenix/DART

THERE have been rumors in recent days suggesting that Craig Pollock will be joining the Phoenix Finance Ltd. bid to turn a few assets of the defunct Prost Grand Prix into a Formula 1 team. Questioned on the subject in Brazil, Pollock said that he was not involved in the project and said he had no interest in being so but he did not deny that he had been approached. Given that he spent a lot of time during the Interlagos weekend talking to Tom Walkinshaw it is fair to say that the approach came from the Arrows F1 boss, who has been representing the interests of Phoenix in the last few weeks.

It is worth noting also that stories suggesting that former TWR USA boss Tony Dowe is involved in Phoenix are also not correct. Dowe has left his job with Team Roberts in motorcycle racing but he is not going to join the Phoenix operation.

The future of the planned team remains clouded by a string of different issues which all seem to add up to make it impossible for the team to get off the ground, but there continue to be suggestions that the team will knock on the gate at Imola and asked to be allowed into the paddock.