Who is the secret Jaguar aerodynamicist?

JAGUAR RACING says that it will shortly announce a new aerodynamicist of note to add to the team's collection of windtunnel types. At the moment Jaguar boasts a Head of Aerodynamics in Ben Agathangelou, who starts work with the team in a few weeks from now. It also boasts a Chief Aerodynamicist in Mark Handford. Quite how a third man is going to fit into this crowded operation is a bit of mystery. There are a few aerodynamicists knocking around at the moment from the defunct Reynard and Prost operations but it is hard to imagine that any of these people are the Jaguar team's new signing.

There are rumors around that the team might also be on the verge of employing either John Barnard (and his B3 Technologies team) or Alan Jenkins but neither is known for his aerodynamic specialization. Both men do have links with Jaguar boss Niki Lauda having worked with him with much success in the early 1980s at McLaren. Both Jenkins and Barnard are currently out of the F1 loop after their relationships with Prost Grand Prix ended in tears.

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