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MARCH 25, 2002

Ferrari sponsor to back Italian GP

VODAFONE has jumped into Formula 1 sponsorship with much enthusiasm in recent months and has just concluded a deal to sponsor the Italian Grand Prix. The deal is currently only for one year and while that might suggest that it is a taster for future such deals it may also be that the deal was offered to Vodafone at a bargain price - as that sometimes happens when big sponsorship deals cannot be found. The biggest spenders on trackside signage (notably Fosters, Marlboro and Mobil) have done such deals in the past when a race needs a title sponsor.

It the first time that Vodafone has taken title sponsorship of a Formula 1 event and further adds to the current battle between Vodafone and Orange on the F1 scene.

The company promises to have a variety of promotional campaigns in the build up to the event.