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MARCH 23, 2002

Mosley confirms promoters insistence on three-day Grands Prix

ONE of the issues that became clear at the Formula 1 Commission meeting was that the race promoters are not willing to accept two-day Grands Prix - which is no great surprise. Given the amount of money being paid out in sanctioning fees by promoters they are not going to agree a reduction in the event as there is much local pressure to maximize the promotional possibilities provided by races and to make as much money as possible from the visiting teams and spectators. There had been a proposal to cut the race meetings back to just two days or to turn Friday into a test day - and get rid of all other testing during the season.

As part of the deal agreed with the teams it is believed that the FIA has agreed not to change the chassis regulations for two more seasons.

The idea of banning testing is designed to save money but in fact would probably have the opposite effect as the larger teams would then feel the need to invest in more simulation machinery, such as transient dynos, more advanced windtunnels and seven-post rigs in order to prepare themselves for the races. They would also maximize the use of the testing days allowed by having two or perhaps even three test teams in operation at the same time. The attempt to cut costs by restricting testing over the winter resulted in all the big teams spending more money last winter.