Tire companies mull over rules

AFTER seeing Michelin tires at the end of the Malaysian GP with virtually no grooves left at all, Bridgestone has been asking for clarification about what is acceptable and what is not acceptable from the FIA. Bridgestone decided not to protest the tires at the end of the race in Sepang but now wants a more concrete explanation of what the rules actually mean. Michelin says that it is happy with the current interpretation of the regulations. Michelin reckons that the issue of grooves is not the key element in decision-making as running on nearly-slick tires at the end of races does not necessarily add an advantage, If that situation changes there could be trouble.

The issue of tires has been bubbling away quietly for some time now and it seems inevitable that eventually one or the other company is going to make a public stand in order for the issue to be clarified by the FIA.

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