World Council meeting today

THE FIA World Motor Sport Council is meeting today at the Automobile Club de France's headquarters in the Place de la Concorde in Paris. This body is responsible for all the major decisions relating to the sport by the automobile federation and will announce what is planned by the end of the day.

The big question is whether or not the FIA will adopt the plan for there to be a restriction on the number of engines allowed during a Grand Prix weekend. The vote on the F1 Commission was expected to be a close one but all the indications are that those against the idea were unable to stop the commission getting a two-thirds majority (seven votes were needed to stop the change). Our investigations in Malaysia suggested that as many as five teams were against the idea and perhaps one other vote was available from the manufacturers representative. However six votes would not be enough to stop the rule going through and the indication was that the teams had decided rather than holding out that it would be better to negotiate and agreed to a period in which the restriction would be phased in. Thus it is expected that there will be some restriction in 2003 with the full limitations coming into force in 2004.

As a result of this the timetable for a Grand prix may have been changed slightly but the idea of cutting F1 meetings to two days would not have been accepted by the promoters.

The World Council may also rule on whether or not the Phoenix/D.A.R.T/Nickerson F1 team should be allowed to compete in F1 this year. The issue however will probably be passed on to the FIA International Court of Appeal although it is not yet clear when this might be in a position to sit to discuss the matter.

Even if the FIA court does rule in favor of the team there is still a question of whether or not the other teams will accept the decision on a commercial basis as the operation does not appear to have adhered to all the clauses of the Concorde Agreement. This could result in the dispute having to go on to the International Chamber of Commerce in Lausanne and if necessary to the High Court in London.

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