When it rains, it pours...

ONE has to feel a little sorry for the Ford Motor Company at the moment. Not only is Jaguar Racing struggling in Formula 1 with a poor chassis but in the World Rally Championship the company's efforts are once again running into difficulties. Colin McRae is still recovering from a nasty injury to his finger on the Tour de Corse and will not be 100% fit for the forthcoming Catalunya Rally even if he is saying that it will not be a problem.

Now his team mate Carlos Sainz is in trouble as well after a high-speed crash during testing for the event. Sainz's Ford Focus crashed into a rock face, with very little deflection of the impact. Sainz suffered whiplash injuries while his co-driver Luis Moya has a broken rib and minor facial injuries. Both drivers spent time in the hospital after the crash and it is yet to be confirmed whether either can compete in the forthcoming rally.

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