BAR's art attack

THE Lucky Strike B.A.R Honda team has announced its latest publicity idea, linking its Formula 1 involvement with the rather more refined and sedate world of art. A travelling exhibition, called Tribe Art, includes work not only by London-based artist Julian Opie but also by members of the BAR team. Opie is best known for his work related to the theme of movement.

Other exhibits will include Philip Albera's film "Pit Stop Honda" which features BAR plus specially-commissioned photographs of the BAR drivers by fashion photographer Hannes Schmid.

The exhibition will also include photographs by the team's gearbox mechanic Chico Corradini, who specializes in vivid representations of the scenery around racing circuits. The team's chief mechanic Alastair Gibson has made a name for himself creating statues of sharks made from the parts of cars!

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