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MARCH 18, 2002

Verstappen too large for Sauber

PETER SAUBER announced after the Malaysian Grand Prix that Jos Verstappen will not be testing for the team in 2002 due to problems fitting the Dutchman in the car.

"I have spoken with Huub Rothengatter yesterday and told him we cannot offer Jos a contract," said Sauber. "The height differences between the drivers are too large and preparing a T-car just for Jos does not make any sense."

The team would have adjust or change the entire interior of the cockpit to fit Verstappen, who is considerably taller than both Nick Heidfeld and Felipe Massa.

Verstappen's manager, Rothengatter, remains optimistic that his driver will secure a drive shortly, however. "We are working very hard to get Jos into a Formula 1 seat and we are very confident. It wouldn't surprise me if he will be driving Grand Prix before we are half way this Formula 1 season."