Hakkinen's future

THE news that Mika Hakkinen and Keke Rosberg have ended their longtime management deal is perhaps the best indication yet that Hakkinen will not be returning to Formula 1 in 2003. Rosberg had guided Hakkinen's career from the very start and helped him to get a drive with Team Lotus in 1991. Two years later it was Keke who suggested that Mika step back and take a year as McLaren test driver, a move which set Hakkinen up for his long career and his two World Championships.

Hakkinen stood down at the end of last season, saying he was taking a sabbatical year, but all the major drives for 203 already seem to be filled and Hakkinen is unlikely to try his luck in the midfield. The fact that he no longer has Rosberg to help guide him suggests that we will not be seeing the Finnish star back in an F1 car.

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