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MARCH 14, 2002

Team bosses meet in Sepang

MOST of the Formula 1 team bosses met on Thursday morning to discuss the forthcoming Formula 1 Commission meeting and the plans being proposed to reduce the number of engines allowed per weekend to just one. The meeting was not attended by Ferrari or Renault (who are apparently in favor of the new rules) but most of the others involved attended to discuss the issue.

The proposal needs nine votes of the 25 to be defeated and while McLaren, Williams, Toyota and Honda are believed to be against the proposals but they have only three votes on the F1 Commission as Jordan and BAR will not necessarily vote according to Honda's wishes.

The result of the vote could turn on how the tire manufacturer, sponsor representatives and engine manufacturer votes are cast. These however could be negated as the individuals involved are supposed to represent the general interest not their individual companies.