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MARCH 14, 2002

Cosworth looks to CART for income

COSWORTH RACING has confirmed that it will producing an engine for CART in 2003. This is not likely to carry Ford badging but might carry the branding of one of the Premier Automotive Group brands (possibly Lincoln or Mercury) as the program will be run by that sub-division of the company.

The normally-aspirated 3.5-liter engine should not be too frightening a concept for the company which built is reputation on the Cosworth V8 in the 1970s and has some of the most advanced 3.5-liter technology in the world.

The company hopes to be able to supply eight cars next year - which will bring in some useful income.

It is worth noting incidentally that Lincoln's support of the One World America's Cup team was switched last week to Ford branding. It is not clear whether this was done as part of a revamp of sponsorships or because Lincoln is not a brand that is used in Australia and New Zealand, where interest in the Cup is at its highest.