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MARCH 12, 2002

Phoenix arrives in Kuala Lumpur

TOM WALKINSHAW and Charles Nickerson's Phoenix grand prix team have arrived in Kuala Lumpur, presumably in an attempt to compete in the Malaysian Grand Prix this weekend.

There are numerous hurdles, both technical and logistical, for the team to clear before it is able to compete, the largest of which are Bernie Ecclestone and Max Mosley, who have said recently that the team has bought nothing in Formula 1 and has no entitlement to race.

The new team has gone about preparing to compete very quietly, without contacting the FIA or even a tire supplier. Bridgestone has said that it would be able to supply the new team with tires if asked, but not in Malaysia because time would not permit it.

The team brought two Prost AP04 chassis with them to Malaysia, and presumably intends to fit them with TWR engines. It remains to be seen how they will transfer the power to the rear wheels, as it is unknown if a gearbox exists that will work with the engine/chassis combination.

Gastone Mazzacane has a contract with Phoenix to drive this year, and was told by the team to ignore any press suggesting the team would not be allowed to compete.