Durand and Jordan

THERE are reports from Europe that Jordan Prix Grand is close to a deal to hire Frenchman Henri Durand as its new technical director. The Silverstone-based team is yet to admit that it is splitting with its old technical director Egbahl Hamidy, but all the indications are that it is now only a matter of time before that rift is confirmed.

Durand has been with Prost Grand Prix for the last year and led the design team of the Prost AP05. Durand has been looking for work since Prost closed its doors and is well-placed to bring Jordan a number of other engineers from the Prost design team. Jordan has lost a lot of staff in recent months, notably to Renault Sport.

Among those who might join Jordan if Durand is hired are Jean-Paul Gousset, the Prost chief designer, and the head of composites Ian Thomson.

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