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MARCH 8, 2002

Ferrari continues to develop the F2002

THE new Ferrari F2002 is responding to treatment in Italy as the team's test driver Luca Badoer continues to put more miles on the new car. But there is still a long way to go as the Italian completed only 80 laps at Mugello in the course of an eight-hour test. The F2001 has shown itself to be very competitive although the result in Melbourne is not being seen as a true indicator for the season ahead as there was a clear Bridgestone tire advantage in Albert Park, Michelin having produced tires which were designed for much higher temperatures. The cool weather this year caught out the French manufacturer, giving Bridgestone a dominant run.

The temperatures in Malaysia are expected to be much higher and it is expected that McLaren and Williams - the leading Michelin runners - will be a lot of more competitive at Sepang.

If that is the case Ferrari will need to speed up the development work on the F2002.