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MARCH 8, 2002

ABC to show four Grands Prix

FOR some months Formula 1 has been trying to convince the ABC network increase its coverage of Formula 1 in the United States of America. That deal has now been finalized with ABC announcing that it will cover four races this year: Monaco, Canada, Italy and Indianapolis. The deal is for one year to see how the ratings do. If these are positive it is thought likely that ABC will expand coverage in the future.

The deal is a big bonus for F1 as to date the racing has only been covered by small special-interest channels.

ABC has traditionally covered the Monaco GP and in recent years has screened Indianapolis but the addition of Canada and Monza makes a lot of sense as F1 tries to build its profile in the USA. The Italian GP is particularly important as it will set the scene for the United States GP two weeks later.

The important thing now will be that the show attracts good advertising revenues or good viewer numbers. Attracting spectators is not going to be easy so the best way to ensure that ABC keeps up the coverage is for F1 sponsors to take advertising slots with the programming.