Pollock still lurking

CRAIG POLLOCK was much in evidence in the F1 paddock in Australia and when asked what his role was for the weekend he replied that he was there is his capacity as "owner" of British American Racing and manager of Jacques Villeneuve. There is no doubt that Pollock is looking at ways to start another F1 team and has been linked to negotiations to acquire Prost and to a potential deal to run a team using a secondary supply of Renault engines, possibly badged as Nissan V10s. Pollock is also waiting to see what happens with Jaguar Racing as he would be an obvious person for the Ford Motor Company to pass the team on to if it were to decide to pull back and stay in F1 simply as an engine supplier, which would appear to be a sensible move in the current circumstances.

When questioned on such matters Pollock is being as diplomatic as ever.

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