Masked man fires shots in Albert Park

FORMULA 1 is sometimes stranger than fiction and on Wednesday evening in Australia a security guard at Albert Park was somewhat shocked when she encountered an intruder at the track, wearing a black balaclava. The security guard challenged the man who then fired a shot - which fortunately did not hit the guard - before disappearing into the night.

According to reports, the security guard came upon an intruder near the circuit's medical center at approximately 3:00am local time. The intruder is thought to have escaped on foot across the track.

"Police are investigating an incident this morning where a security guard patrolling the Albert Park Grand Prix track claims she was fired upon," the Melbourne Police have said.

The race officials, who do not need any more negative press surrounding the event, are letting the police handle the situation. "The police are investigating it. We have a race meeting to run. Without knowing the background, it's a bit preemptive of me to be making a statement about it," a spokesman for race organizers told reporters.

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