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FEBRUARY 28, 2002

Troubles ahead...

MCLAREN boss Ron Dennis warned the Formula 1 media not to be distracted by sensationalist stories in the weeks ahead and to look at the sport in a calm and considered way in the months ahead. Dennis said that the sport needs to adopt a "calm and logical approach" to deal with differences of opinion. Dennis said that the danger was that teams will be divided up and called for everyone to stick together.

The problems stem from a message circulating amongst the teams from FIA President Max Mosley suggesting that there need to be changes to the sporting regulations with regard to the supply of engines, to cut costs.

Dennis's appeal to the teams has not however received a massive amount of support from the other teams with many people apparently happen to support the cost-saving initiative.

The matter will be decided on March 19 when the Formula 1 Commission meets to discuss proposals. Dennis argued that F1 needs to be very careful in making decisions but if the federation wishes to save money it can do so easily by reducing the number of races to 15 in a year.

The proposals being put before the F1 Commission include the ideas of teams being forced to use one engine per weekend and being forced to supply two teams apiece.