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FEBRUARY 18, 2002

The problems of one engine per weekend

THE Formula 1 engine manufacturers are not that keen on the idea of a one-engine-per-weekend rule which was first suggested to them in December by FIA President Max Mosley. One or two of the engine makers were vaguely interested in the idea and others said that they would be willing to consider the idea but there is nothing like common agreement on the subject and there are a number of serious problems related to the idea which could add to the costs of the programs rather than reducing the money being spent.

One problem would be that teams would be likely to not waste time in qualifying and would do one run and then stop, destroying the spectacle of qualifying. It would only be the teams that were struggling to find a balance who would waste engine running time in qualifying trim.

The second fear is that engine manufacturers would spend a fortune in bringing mobile engine shops to the race tracks so that engines could be rebuilt on site. There have even been suggestions that the engine men might even bring mobile dynos so that they could make sure that the engines were running correctly before they are put into the cars.

The process by which new parts arrive would also be increasingly costly as it would involve huge amounts of dyno testing to ensure that new parts were better and as reliable as existing pieces.

The arguments are however not likely to be needed as it is very unlikely that the idea would ever be agreed by the F1 Commission.