Ferrari to begin 2002 with F2001

FERRARI has announced that they will start the new season in last year's F2001, rather than the new F2002, which has not had a chance to prove reliable yet.

Ferrari launched the F2002 on February 6th, and has been testing it at Fiorano and Mugello since the 10th. Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello have tested very successfully in the new car, but sporting director Jean Todt remains concerned about its reliability.

"The new car has proved to be very quick right from the start, but we do not have sufficient time at our disposal to be entirely sure about its total reliability for the first round of the season," said Todt.

"Therefore we decided to go to Melbourne with the F2001, which even in this winter's tests, has proved to be very competitive and reliable."

"We think it will be able to bring home valuable points for the championship. Next week, we will continue our on-track development of the F2002, as well as fine-tuning the F2001 for the first race."

Todt did not comment on when the F2002 would debut. It looks possible that the new Ferrari may not be raced until the championship reaches Europe on April 14th at Imola.

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