Sex and drugs and rock and roll

FIA bosses were less than impressed when model Naomi Campbell arrived at the High Court in London the other day, carrying a Formula 1-branded umbrella.

Campbell is currently involved in two very messy law suits in the High Court: one with a former personal assistant who revealed details of Campbell's alleged sexual adventures; the other with The Daily Mirror newspaper over revelations that Campbell had a drug problem. She claims that her privacy was being invaded; the Mirror argues that she had been portraying a false image of herself to the general public as she had always claimed that she was drug-free.

Sex and drugs are not the kind of image that Formula 1 likes to promote although rock and roll is still acceptable as was proved the other night at the Grand Prix Party at the Albert Hall where several well-known F1 names including Eddie Jordan and Damon Hill had a good time, playing to the crowds.

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