CART changes rules to promote better racing

THE CART series in the United States is often cited as having much better racing than Formula 1 but the CART authorities do not seem to agree as this week they have voted through a list of rule changes which are designed to promote better racing, arguing that in recent years too many races have been little more than fuel economy runs until the final laps when the drivers have been able to race flat out.

To build up excitement in qualifying CART has adopted the F1 system of limiting the number of laps allowed in qualifying on road courses. Friday qualifying has also been reintroduced with the fastest man winning a place on the front row of the grid (no matter what happens on Saturday) and gaining an extra championship point for his provisional pole position. CART has also agreed that races can be red-flagged in the closing stages if there is a serious accident to avoid the events finishing with the cars running in line behind a Safety Car.

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