Ferrari's lap record

NEW Ferraris always break lap records and the drivers always say that they are "promising" so Michael Schumacher's much-publicized first laps with the F2002 at the weekend should not be taken too seriously. Having said that, however, there is little doubt that at the moment Ferrari is very definitely the favorite for the World Championship in 2002 as all its rivals appear to have problems which will cost them a few tenths on every lap. McLaren is developing a completely new engine and Williams is not very happy with its chassis.

It is worth noting however that at the front end of the F1 grid teams tend to be their own worst critics and so they may be over-estimating their faults and underestimating their potential.

When everything is taken into account, the testing times being produced at the moment should not be taken too seriously. We will find out who is where when the teams get down to Melbourne.

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