Mosley says he wants a new appeal system

FIA President Max Mosley says that he would like to see a new appeal system in F1 to stop teams appealing decisions as a matter of course. Mosley says that he would like to see the Race Director be given the power to inflict a penalty on a team and the FIA Stewarrds then acting as a de facto appeal court at the circuits. The option would remain for a team to appeal to the FIA International Court of Appeal but the process would be used less often if the teams felt that they had a decent hearing at the race track.

In order to ensure that the FIA stewards are all present for post-race meetings the FIA has instituted a new rule saying that all stewards will only be accepted for a meeting if they agree to remain at the venue on Sunday night. There was an upset at the United States GP last year when one of the stewards went home, causing Jordan to get away with a technical infringement (admittedly unwittingly) because of the procedural errors.

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