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FEBRUARY 9, 2002

F1 numbers to remain the same

THE disappearance of Prost Grand Prix will not change the F1 numbering system this season with numbers 18 and 19, which were to go to Prost, being left unused this year. Thus Arrows will retain numbers 20 and 21, Minardi will have 22 and 23 and Toyota will be 24 and 25.

According to Max Mosley there is a 5% chance that someone might still take over Prost and turn up in Melbourne. The FIA President said that Prost has paid to enter the World Championship and that 2001 cars do still exist and so it is conceivable that someone could try to run the team but as the personnel are now disappearing off to new jobs it is unlikely that anything can happen in the time available. This has not stopped rumors that Craig Pollock is dreaming up a Formula 1 team with General Motors. Our sources that GM has not short term plans to become involved in the sport.

According to Mosley Prost could pop up at races later this year but failure to appear in Melbourne would result in fines of hundreds of thousands of dollars which would multiply with each race missed.