Alesi gets a McLaren seat-fitting!

Jean Alesi, Japanese GP 2001

Jean Alesi, Japanese GP 2001 

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JEAN ALESI has had a seat-fitting at McLaren - but the current drivers are not apparently too worried as the team is not about to hire the veteran Frenchman to race. It is not clear why McLaren has made a seat for Jean although these is speculation that he might be able to give the team some input because he is believed to be the only F1 driver available who has driven on both Michelin and Bridgestone tires (Heinz-Harald Frentzen is the other) having switched from Prost to Jordan last season. This may be an explanation although it should be noted that Jean has never been famous for his technical feedback.

The other possibility is that Jean may be involved in the McLaren two-seater program, although the team was thought to be stopping that program and retiring the cars.

McLaren and Mercedes will no doubt reveal all in good time...

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