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FEBRUARY 8, 2002

DAMS pulls out of Formula 3000

JUST to underline the state of motor racing in France, DAMS has announced that it is pulling out of Formula 3000 this year. The news comes just a few weeks after its longtime rival Prostar (formerly Apomatox) went into liquidation. DAMS is the last major French-based team involved in topline single-seater racing following the closure of Prost Grand Prix and Prostar.

DAMS (Driot Arnoux Motor Sport) was the longest-surviving of all the Formula 3000 teams, dating back to 1988 when it was created from the remains of the GBDA (Gaignault, Blanchet, Driot & Associates) operation. The team won three Formula 3000 titles with Eric Comas in 1990, Olivier Panis in 1993 and Jean-Christophe Boullion in 1994. DAMS tried to put together a Formula 1 team in 1995 and even built an F1 prototype chassis called the DAMS GD01 which was designed by former Ligier engineer Claude Galopin but the team never managed to find the money it needed.

The team is continuing to operate in sportscar racing with Cadillac.