Changes to the Ferrari package

LIKE many of the Formula 1 teams Ferrari has worked hard on its front-end aerodynamics with the lower suspension mounting points being located beneath the chassis itself attached to a longitudinal underbody "fin". This was the case last year but the Ferrari nose seems to be slightly narrower and perhaps raised a small amount as well. What is clear is that there has been a lot of work at the rear of the cars with the rear of the sidepods being lower than on the F2001.

The airbox shape as been altered as well and is now more angular than last year.

In terms of commercial changes there is no sign at all on the car of longtime Ferrari partner Magneti-Marelli. Also missing is General Electric, while the arrival of Vodafone has ended the relationships with Tic-Tac, Federal Express and TIM. The team's only other new sponsor is AMD, which appears on the rear wing.

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