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FEBRUARY 5, 2002

Durand going back to McLaren?

PROST GRAND PRIX technical director Henri Durand is a man in demand at the moment following the closure of the French team. Durand arrived at Prost last year and was not really able to have a huge effect on the design of the AP04 although towards the end the season his development work did improve the car although this was disguised somewhat by the fact that the team was running out of money.

Durand spend a lot of time developing the new AP05 which followed the aerodynamic principles laid down by the 2001 Sauber. Unfortunately these cars were not built as Prost hit trouble and ultimately went out of business.

The latest word is that the Frenchman may be on his way back to McLaren. Durand worked at McLaren between 1990 and 2000 and may decide that his best option in the future is to return to the team - which has now started using the exciting new windtunnel at the Paragon Technology Centre in Woking.