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FEBRUARY 1, 2002

GM gets serious about Le Mans

GENERAL MOTORS launched its Cadillac Le Mans program two years ago to change the international image of the brand and to increase sales around the world. The first racer was however not very competitive and the last year has spent designing and building a car which will be able to compete with Audi and Bentley.

The new LMP 02 has been designed by Nigel Stroud at Cadillac Motorsport's British HQ in Brackley and looks a great deal more like a potential Le Mans winner than the previous car. The car has already been tested in America by former F1 driver Eric Bernard and longtime tester Emmanuel Collard and they report that the new machine is going to be worth watching.

The question which has always been asked about the GM program is what happens if it is ever a success? Traditionally companies win the Le Mans 24 Hours and then go into F1...