Swiss influx

MICHAEL SCHUMACHER will be joined by a whole host of Formula 1 talent in 2002 as the F1 paddock gets neighborly in Switzerland.

McLaren's new signing Kimi Raikkonen is apparently reluctant to leave the country behind him as he departs Sauber, although he is thought to be on the move from St. Moritz to somewhere with better access to an airport. He is joined by Mika Salo, who has abandoned life in London for the Alpine freshness and of course there are the Sauber drivers Nick Heidfeld and Felipe Massa, who have both taken digs near the Swiss team's factory in Hinwil.

The attractions of Switzerland are not always that evident, for when the ski season has ended even the locals are often at a loss for something to do - but for Formula 1 drivers there is a distinct benefit. Switzerland does not have any motor sport, therefore a racing driver who lives in Switzerland is officially unemployed, and the unemployed aren't subject to income tax.

Monaco could be rather empty before too long...

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