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DECEMBER 25, 2001

Reutemann aiming for high office?

AMID the financial and political maelstrom that is Argentina at the present time, former Brabham, Ferrari, Lotus and Williams F1 driver Carlos Reutemann, is reportedly considering running for the presidency. The 59-year-old known as Lole by his countrymen retired from motor sport in 1982 after a decade in Formula 1 and has been the state governor of Santa Fe since 1991.

Reutemann has never before shown a public interest in running for president, but the collapse of the country's economy and subsequent social meltdown have apparently spurred him into action.

"It is an unforeseen situation and I am going to study it, but before anything, I will prioritize the decision of the 'santafesinos' who have elected me to govern the province until 2003," Reutemann said to La Capital.