Schumacher and the Swiss landscape foundation

WORLD CHAMPION Michael Schumacher's plans to set up home in the Swiss town of Wolfhalden have reportedly been deal a blow by the Swiss foundation for the maintenance and preservation of the landscape.

Prime mover in the Stiftung Landschaftsschutz, one Raimund Rodewald, has thrown a spanner in the protracted works around Schumi's house move from his current residence in French-speaking Vufflens-le-Chateux to the German-speaking area around Wolfhaden. Objections including the environmental impact of constructing the millionaire driver's home and the demands Schumacher is making to keep his private jet on the nearby Swiss Air Force base have delayed the project, and now the mayor of Wolfhaden, Mario Pighi, has reported Rodewald's interest in holding up proceedings.

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