Bahrain track revealed



THE Tilke company, which designs and oversees the building of racing circuits around the world, has revealed its plans for a new track in Bahrain. The work is being overseen by the State of Bahrain's Ministry of Works and construction is already underway. The country has adopted the idea of a Grand Prix as part of its push for modernization under the new Emir Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa. Since he took power after the death of his father Sheik Isa bin Sulman Al-Khalifa in 1999, the Emir has reintroduced parliamentary rule and is now building up Bahrain as a banking center in the hope that the country can take over the role previously enjoyed by Hong Kong. The Emir and two ministers visited the Italian GP in 1999 and there followed a lengthy feasibility study.

The track will be located at Sakis, outside the capital Manama. Bahrain is expected to bid for a Grand Prix in 2004.

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