British GP - crisis over?

THE flurry of activity in recent days about the future of the British Grand Prix may be over. The rumors in the press that the race could be cancelled looked at the time to have been a leak aimed at making Silverstone take the threat more seriously and Octagon Motorsports's response would appear to be doing that.

The company issued what it called a "revised masterplan" to ensure that the circuit would be more accessible with greater access being placed on access and parking.

The British GP is currently provisional pending a report into the traffic problems that have always been a problem at the circuit. The organizers will get that opportunity when the World Motor Sport Council meets in Monaco on Friday.

The FIA remains to be convinced but at least the governing body now feels that the threat of cancellation is being taken seriously by the British GP. Now it is up to Octagon to convince the World Council that it will do the work necessary in the time available. It is most likely that the 2002 race will go ahead as planned but that if the work promised is not done in time the race will not even be considered for a place on the calendar in 2003.

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