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DECEMBER 9, 2001

Melbourne coroner warns of FIA criticism

THE Melbourne coroner Graeme Johnstone said in court on Friday that he may end up having to be "critical of the FIA's management of safety issues" at the end of the inquest into the accident in Albert Park in March next year. The FIA has not sent out Charlie Whiting, the F1 race director and safety delegate, to Melbourne for the case and the FIA will only be represented by its Australian delegate John Large.

Having said that Large is a very senior member of the FIA. He is a Vice-President of the organization and sits on the FIA Senate and the World Motor Sport Council. The local sporting authority CAMS and the Australian Grand Prix Corporation is also sending representation and it seems that the FIA has concluded that this is all that is needed.

The outcome of the inquest could be crucial for Melbourne as the 2002 Australian GP is still only a provisional date on the FIA calendar, pending the outcome of the inquest.