Schumacher to be charged with careless driving?

THERE are unconfirmed reports that Ralf Schumacher is to be charged with careless driving after his recent accident on the autobahn near Cologne. The BMW Williams driver ran into the back of another car in the wet when he arrived too quickly behind a traffic jam. The Audi which he hit was then punted into the car ahead and the driver reportedly suffered whiplash injuries. The cars were substantially damaged in the crash and there have been suggestions in the German papers that Ralf's eyesight may be to blame. Schumacher recently took to wearing spectacles because he is slightly short-sighted. It is doubtful that the crash will result in any long-term implications for Schumacher but it is not the kind of thing a driver needs to be happening to him when he is supposed to be taking time off to prepare what is being billed as a challenge for the 2002 Drivers' World Championship.

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