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DECEMBER 5, 2001

Prost goes to court on Friday

PROST GRAND PRIX will go back to the Tribunal de Commerce of Versailles on Friday to examine the four offers which have been made for the team. The process of deciding which is the best course of action will be decided upon by the court after it has seen a report from the legal administrator after a period of observation. The court, which features three judges, will then decide if it believes the business can be saved. If not the company will be liquidated immediately. If they accept the restructuring plan the company can continue trading.

The strongest of the four offers is believed to be from Prince Al Waleed, the Saudi investor and the other three may or may not feature the Belgian brewing company Interbrew.

The hearing on Friday will be vital for the future of the team as many members of the Prost staff have been approached by other teams and are waiting to see whether they will be stay in Paris or moving on elsewhere.