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DECEMBER 4, 2001

No Benson & Hedges listed for Jordan

THE FIA Formula 1 entry list always reveals a few little secrets and it is significant that Jordan's entry for 2002 does not list a title sponsor. In 2001 the team was known as "Benson & Hedges Jordan Honda" but as we suggested in May Benson & Hedges has reduced its involvement and is no longer the team's title sponsor. Jordan did try to sign a deal with Vodafone before that money was snapped up by Ferrari but has failed to find a replacement.

British American Racing has also altered its name from the unwieldy "Lucky Strike Reynard British American Racing Honda". The entry is now simply Lucky Strike BAR Honda. This is no surprise as the links between BAR and Reynard are now only nominal.

The Arrows team makes no mention of Ford or Cosworth, which is indicative of a situation in which the team is paying the manufacturer and so is unwilling to offer free advertising. The cars will be known as Arrows-Cosworths so any suggestion that there might be a direct Ford link are unfounded.

Red Bull has disappeared from Sauber's entry (having switched allegiance to Arrows as a secondary sponsor to Orange) and it is interesting that despite a great season in 2001 Sauber has not found a replacement title sponsor. Credit Suisse might have been an option but has decided not to make that step.

Prost Grand Prix has also failed to nominate an engine, which is indicative of the fact that the team does not yet have an agreement with Ferrari for the use of engines next year.