McLaren not buying Ilmor

MCLAREN boss Ron Dennis says that the team has no plans to buy a share in Ilmor Engineering but said that it is not impossible that DaimlerChrysler (which owns 40% of the TAG McLaren Group) will increase its involvement and thus strengthen the links between the various companies.

Dennis showed a small group of British media around his Paragon facility, which he revealed will probably be renamed after the team moves into the facility on August 12. Eventually the facility will house all the McLaren companies with around 1000 members of staff. The factory will boast a swimming pool, health club, bank, dry cleaners and shops.

Dennis also spoke passionately of his plans to put something back into the sport by using the planned Visitor and Learning Centre to "light the spark" of passion in teenagers visiting the facility in the years ahead. The high technology facility is expected to win a string of design awards.

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