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NOVEMBER 28, 2001

Ferrari planning to start 2002 with F2002

FERRARI chief designer Rory Bryne has rejected reports that the team will start the 2002 season with the F2001. Bryne admitted that they are experiencing some trouble with the new single unit engine/gearbox, but said they are still on schedule to start next year with the new car.

"We are on the same schedule as last year's car and the results we have during the course of development, including chassis and engine are promising. At the moment, our intention is to start with the new car, knowing that we also have the option of the F2001 if needed" said Bryne.

Ferrari is planning to complete a rigorous test schedule once the testing ban is lifted on January 1st, and recently hired Luciano Burti to assist Luca Badoer with test driving duties.