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NOVEMBER 26, 2001

Peugeot takes World Rally Manufacturers' title

PEUGEOT might have failed horribly in Formula 1 but in the world of rallying the French car company has done rather better, winning the Drivers' World Championship last year with Marcus Gronholm and the Manufacturers' title. This year proved to be more difficult but Peugeot has walked away with a second Manufacturers' title thanks to a Ford decision to withdraw from the event after Carlos Sainz went off an injured 12 spectators.

The decision to withdraw was probably a pre-planned Ford strategy rather than a panic measure as Ford Racing boss Martin Whitaker has learned something of crisis management over the years, having been the FIA spokesman at the San Marino GP at Imola in 1994.

The injured - which included two minors (aged 12 and 14) - were transported to hospital by air ambulances. None of the injuries are life-threatening although one person has head injuries and another back injuries. Nine of those involved were treated and then discharged.