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NOVEMBER 16, 2001

Montezemolo celebrates 10 years as Ferrari boss

IT is 10 years since Luca di Montezemolo took over the running of Ferrari and in that time he has achieved great success for the production car business and for the racing team.

"They have been 10 years of total and absolute dedication," Montezemolo told journalists. "It is a job that involves you totally and life goes by so quickly. The ideal would be a year's sabbatical."

Montezemolo's adventures in F1 have not all been easy but in recent years the team have collected three Constructors' titles and two Drivers' titles. Schumacher will stay with the team until the end of 2004 and Montezemolo says that his goal now is to win some more.

In his spare time he and his sporting director Jean Todt intend to revive the Maserati marque.