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NOVEMBER 16, 2001

Anderlecht and Feyenoord sign up with Premier1 Grand Prix

THE Premier1 Grand Prix series continues to make the most of the lack of F1 news at the moment and has announced that two more soccer teams have been signed up for the planned racing series next year. They will join the other confirmed teams Benfica from Portugal and Leeds United from Britain.

Premier 1 has yet to announce which teams will run cars for Anderlecht (the logical course of action would be to use one of the two Belgian F3000 teams: Team Astromega or KTR) while Holland has similar problems with Feyenoord (based in Rotterdam).

The organizers of the new championship say they will announce more participating soccer clubs before the end of the month. The teams are supposed to run drivers from their own country and it would be fair to guess that Holland would supply either Tom Koronel or Christjian Albers and Belgium could put in Bas Leinders.

For the moment, however, the new series is not really having much of an effect on F1, although it does appear to be weakening Formula 3000.