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NOVEMBER 16, 2001

Webber to race in America?

MARK WEBBER, the Benetton test driver, was planning to concentrate on Formula 1 in the next few months, hoping to get a break in Grand Prix racing but according to his manager Flavio Briatore, Webber is considering going to the United States of America.

This seems a curious course of action for Webber and one cannot help but wonder whether it is Briatore's wish or whether Webber really wants to head to CART or IRL.

Webber is known to want to keep racing as he believes that simply being a test driver can have the effect of blunting a driver's racing "edge". However it would need to be a very good offer from a top team to lure Mark away from his goal of getting into F1. The 25-year-old from Canberra has not had an easy career to date and to head off to America when he is close to his goal is an odd thing to want to do.