Lola aiming for F1 sub-contract work?

WITH the future of CART uncertain and the Indy Racing League cars not really expensive enough to warrant a lot of research and development, Lola Cars in Huntingdon is rumored to be looking to Formula 1 teams to stop the loss of good young engineers to F1 teams and to keep up the revenues.

A company of Lola's reputation and resources should not have too much trouble finding work, particularly as European Minardi has been cutting back one some of its contract work because of its need to concentrate on building up its own F1 team. European Minardi has been working for other teams for contracts which were signed before Paul Stoddart acquired Minardi last year.

Lola has been working quietly in the last year, helping Toyota with its windtunnel program while the team's windtunnel in Cologne is built.

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